Deliver an outstanding mobile experience for your customers with a mobile app that uplifts your brand.

Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Deliver an amazing shopping experience for your customers with a mobile app that looks and works exactly how you want it to.

Get More Sales

Drive instant traffic by sending push notifications to recover abandoned carts, announce new products, promote a sale, and more. With app push notifications the possibilities are endless.

Keep Your Shoppers Engaged

Build authentic connections with your audience and make them love your brand with live selling, right from your mobile app.

Get more repeat orders

Turn casual shopping into reliable, repeat sales with personalized shopping, loyalty rewards, and app exclusives.

In today's conditions, an app for purchases that are developed from scratch by other developer companies will cost you at least 15,000$ per year. So this is not the best option. You will understand why.

We are developing a subscription-based mobile app using Shopify's built-in apps. This means that depending on the subscription plan, mostly choose from 99$ per month, you do not need to give away a huge amount of money. Great for those who don't have big budgets and want to position their brand highly on the internet.

You will be able to synchronize the server part of your store instantly. Products, collections, inventory, prices, images and discounts are automatically updated in real time. In addition, you will have access to unlimited push notifications. Sent directly to your buyer's home screens, you'll have direct access to your audience's messages, so you won't have to rely on high-stakes ads or algorithms to re-engage existing buyers.
Bold content, instant page loading, and one-click checkout result in higher mobile app conversions compared to mobile websites, and with dozens of integrations available, you can easily combine your favorite apps without retooling your stack. In addition, our team of experts can lead you to success on mobile devices, from your demo to remote, helping you create, launch and manage your application.
Thousands of the fastest growing Shopify brands, including Fashion Nova, Princess Polly, LSKD, Culture Kings, Mellogang, Pier 1 and others trust mobile apps to improve conversion, get more repeat orders and earn serious income.
Order the development of your mobile application now! You will receive not only a high-level product, but also open up new horizons for your business, expand the reach of potential customers, and significantly increase the level of profitability of your company. The app will be ready to download in the Play Market and App Store.